Sector based work academies

Is there a skills shortage at your company? Are you having a difficult time finding people who have the right training? If you answered yes, a Sector-Based Work Academy (SBWA) could be the right fit for your recruitment needs. An SBWA takes all of the guess work out of recruitment, as we work with employers and the JobCentre Plus to find people who want to learn and take care of all the pre-employment training. After some work and a guaranteed interview, we hope you’ll find the right candidates for your business!

The 6 Steps of an SBWA

An SWBA has six steps that will be completed before coming to a close. Steps 3 and 4 (Pre-Employment Training and Work Experience Placement) can be completed in any order, and Step 6 isn’t mandatory (though highly encouraged), Hover over the boxes below to find out more about each individual step.

Step 1: Sign up for an SBWA

Once an SBWA has been agreed with an employer, training provider,  and JobCentre Plus, the opportunity will be sent out to all local JobCentre locations and suitable candidates will be signposted to an Open Day held at an agreed upon location

Step 2: Open Day

Potential learners attend the Open Day, where they will hear presentations from the trainer, JobCentre Plus and the employer where possible. They will complete an application form and have a one to one discussion with a member of staff. Once the day is over, final candidates for the training will be selected.

Step 3: Pre-Employment Training

The learner will undertake sector-specific Pre-Employment Training (PET), primarily funded and delivered through the skills funding agency, which allows them to undertake units on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. It is also possible for employers to deliver training without public funding.

Step 4: Work Experience Placement

A Work Experience Placement (WEP) will enable participants to develop their skills and have the opportunity to work in a real-world environment. This provides invaluable benefit for both both businesses and individuals participating in the SBWA.

Step 5: The Guaranteed Interview

A guaranteed job interview will lead to valuable interview experience and will hopefully lead to employment. There is no expectation of employment, only the promise of a fair interview for an available vacancy. 

Step 6: Employment

An optional step, this will happen only if you decide to take on some or all of the learners that took place in the SBWA. Here the benefit is widely acknowledged by both – employers gain a skilled group of workers and learners end their experience in employment!

As unique as you and your business

Like all of our training, our Sector Based Work Academies can be as unique as your business is. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand not only the skills you need in order for your business to flourish, but also the people you need.

We have an extensive referral partner network, and once we know who you are looking for, we will make it our mission to work with our partner network to bring together a collective group of individuals who are enthusiastic and committed. We want to see our client’s succeed as much as we want to help your business to grow. This is one of the many things which attracts businesses to Innovative Alliance.


We’d love to discuss with you how one of our Sector Based Work Academies can support your business with its recruitment needs. Contact a member of the team who will be happy to help.

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