Opening new doors to women in construction

In an industry that creates a perception of a male dominated environment, Cheryl Ali is helping to rebalance the gender gap. After completing her training with Innovative Alliance, Cheryl will be amongst many women in construction working towards a more balanced working environment.

Before starting her training with Innovative Alliance, Cheryl was unemployed. She knew she wanted to pursue a career in Industrial Cleaning. Cheryl decided to enroll on a Building and Construction course. This course would allow her to obtain a CSCS card that would help her to progress on her career journey.

However, whilst completing the course, she realised that there were various opportunities within the sector that she had never considered before. The course has opened new doors to a wide range of career paths.

She said, “I found the support from the Tutors excellent as well as the fun and engaging work atmosphere. I would highly recommend this course to people from all walks of life.”

Network of Industry Employers

Cheryl is now receiving the support she needs from Innovative Alliance. She also recevies support from their extensive network of employers. These industry insights helped to decide which career path is right for her.

Her tutor Ray said: “Cheryl has worked very hard to achieve her Level 1 Introduction to Construction and CSCS card. She has the motivation to go far and do well. I’m very proud of Cheryl.

“Sometimes it’s hard to open your eyes to other possibilities that are available to you. Especially when you’ve had your heart focused on something for so long. So, it’s great that the course has helped her to branch out and consider new opportunities.”

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