Your online learning made easy with Innovative Alliance

In line with the Government guidelines, we have transitioned to deliver all our training as online learning courses, but what does that mean for you?

Well, it means you can;

  • Access one of our free courses from the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Still received the same level of support and guidance as you would in a classroom setting, as our sessions are delivered in real-time.

If you struggle with tech our team are on hand to support you and help you access our courses, we want to ensure your goals don’t have to hit pause.

We have taken all the hassle out of the process and broke it down step-by-step, this will help you understand exactly what will happen from course enrolment to completion.

Step 1: Show your interest, secure your spot!

Interested in one of our free courses? You can show your interest through our website here, social media, or you can call one of the team directly on 0151 433 7171 and start your journey to employment. We also receive referrals from our partners such as the JCP, so talk to you adviser if you are interested in one of our courses.

Step 2: The final checks    

Once we know what online learning courses you are interested in, our friendly team will go through some eligibility checks and ask you to complete an initial online assessment. The assessment helps us learn a bit more about you, your previous work experience, qualifications, and goals and is nothing to worry about. It just ensures that the course is the right fit for you and sets you on the path to your future career.

Step 3: Almost there…

Once you have completed your initial assessment, we will enrol you on the chosen course. Your enrolment documents will be sent to you via email, all we need you to do is check and sign them. When we receive your signed documents, you will be set up onto our interactive system and emailed your course link – courses will take place via Zoom, read about Zoom and how to set it up here.

Step 4: Let the course begin!  

Your course will typically run between 9am – 2pm. During this time your tutor will guide you through the course content and tell you everything you need to know. At 2pm the live session will end, and you be asked to complete independent work set by your tutor. But don’t worry, your tutor will still be available from 2pm – 5pm to answer any questions and provide you with guidance and support. Once you have completed your independent work, you will upload your work to our easy to use online platform. Tutors can they assess your work and provide additional guidance and support where needed.  

Step 5: You did it!

Congratulations, you did it! You have now completed your free online course with Innovative Alliance. So, what’s next? Usually, our team can line up job interviews for you to attend after you have completed the course. All the skills and knowledge you have learnt can now be used to secure a job. Where this isn’t possible, our team will also discuss next steps with you and help how they can.

Sounds easy right? But don’t just take our word for it, we caught up with some past learners who shared their experiences with our online courses.

‘’I learnt so much on this course and couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.’’

‘’All the staff I dealt with were informative and professional.’’

‘’I didn’t know that much at the beginning of the course, now I feel I know so much more, and I am ready to build on that knowledge.’’

‘’The course was online and was helpful for me. It gave me the opportunity to do more research and improve my communication skills. I also thoroughly enjoyed working in a team.’’

‘’After each work submission the tutor provided me with feedback and explained it.’’

‘’My tutor was helpful and provided me with feedback as well as guidance that helped me improve my skills.’’

‘’I begin planning to get myself a job in the Health and Social care sector and it won’t be unfamiliar to me now I have the skills and knowledge.’’

‘’The tutor ensured we all had access to Moodle and the learning resources we needed to succeed.’’

‘’The presentation was easy to understand – anything that I wasn’t sure of I could ask my tutor or do my own research.’’

Support for learners

Overall, 78% of learners who completed one of our online courses strongly agreed that they received the support they needed to succeed. Whilst 67% strongly agreed the course prepared them for what they want to do next, and provided a safe, disciplined, and positive environment for them to learn.

To begin your journey into the world of work browse all our courses on our website here. Alternatively, contact the team on 0151 433 7171. Don’t delay, take your first step towards a brighter future today!

Visit their website: www.innovativealliance.co.uk to learn more about Innovative Alliance. Additionally, we encourage you to view all their current online learning courses! Lastly, if you have any questions, please email info@innovativealliance.co.uk.