Being made redundant is a difficult scenario to face, add a global pandemic into the mix and the process becomes even more stressful to navigate. Like many, Alex Tomlinson fell victim to the repercussions of the pandemic after he was made redundant from his office job in 2020.

Instead of allowing circumstances to hinder his professional development, Alex began working with his local Job Centre Plus (JCP) based in Middlewich to find new training and development opportunities. It was through his coach at JCP where Alex was first made aware of the fully funded courses at Innovative Alliance (IA). Alex initially thought he would need prior experience in the Construction industry to take part in the course, when he learnt no previous experience was required, he was thrilled.

The two-week course which took place via Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions, covered key topics needed to kickstart a career in the Construction industry including, health and safety in the workplace, site procedures and policies, and developing relationships in the workplace.

Alex praised the course for opening up a world of opportunities, he would have otherwise not been aware of. He said;

‘’The course was a lifeline to me. It came during a time when I needed it most and really helped me discover a future career in Construction. I always had an interest in Construction, but I was unsure on the pathways available. The course allowed me to learn about all the different roles available in the industry and opened up a world of opportunities that I can’t wait to explore.’’

After completing the Construction course, Alex was offered the opportunity to take part in a self-employment course with the adult training provider. Alex is currently undergoing the additional course, which upon completion, will help him gain a better understanding of self-employment and will help support him in the future if he decides to enter the industry on a self-employed basis.

When asked about his experience at Innovative Alliance, Alex said;

‘’I could not recommend Innovative Alliance enough. From the small class sizes to the easily accessible Moodle platform, I could not fault them. Massive thank you to Ray my tutor, who really supported me throughout. The course helped me figure out where I want to go in life after 5 years of being uncertain.’’

Innovative Alliance are passionate about supporting people to get back into the workplace and they work with individuals who are long term employed, recently redundant or who are on a reduced salary. Through their fully funded courses and links with industry, they are helping people gain the skills and knowledge required to enter their desired industry and give them to opportunity to secure their next role with a reputable company.