Innovative Alliance joins a new Liverpool social directive, ESF Directions

Innovative Alliance (IA) are pleased to announce that they have joined a newly developed social directive named ESF Directions. ESF Directions is a programme developed by the DWP and European Social Fund (ESF) which aims to move 2,000 Liverpool residents into work by 2022. The programme, overseen by The Women’s Organisation, will enable a select number of Liverpool organisations to work with individuals to address what’s holding them back from employment. Assistance could range from counselling to different training opportunities, with the ultimate goal of ensuring each person is prepared for work life.

Under the directive, each organisation will have their own approach to engaging and supporting individuals with the desire to secure employment. IA’s positioning as an adult education provider under the Government and Liverpool City Region’s Adult Education Budget, providers a perfect pathway to deliver skills, knowledge and confidence to those ready to take the step into work.

Those who engage with the project will be assigned a case worker, someone who can help them to further develop their skills in areas that may otherwise be difficult to notice. This will allow each individual to have help that’s tailored to them specifically, ensuring the highest chance of success. In addition to the qualifications that IA already offer, there will be support for Basic Skills training, including Maths, English, and ICT.

Employment training and interview preparation will be standard with this assistance, along with access to different opportunities from employers within the LCR.

Ian Green, CEO of Innovative Alliance, said:

“The wonderful thing about Directions is that members of the consortium can work together to help individuals achieve the best result. Collectively, we will be able to support a range of complex issues and barriers to employment such as lack of confidence, mental health and learning difficulties, which may otherwise continue to impact individuals’ chances of development and potential employment.

“Our vision remains steadfast in the fact that we will work collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcome for anyone that engages with this project.”

To find out more about the project please click here. If you think you could support this project with employment and volunteer opportunities, please get in touch today.