Ian Bell heads for the highway in to employment and gives Innovative Alliance the green light

Ian Bell premier traffic case studyAfter being unemployed for over 12 months, it was time for Ian Bell to take action and get back on the career ladder. Ian had previously completed his Level 1 Construction course with Innovative Alliance (IA) after the company were recommended to him by his local JobCentre Plus, and he was eager to discover more opportunities that Innovative Alliance could offer him, to help get him back in to work.

Fast forward a matter of weeks and Ian has now completed his Level 1 Routeways course via a Sector Based Work Academy (SBWA) with Innovative Alliance. He is now in full-time employment as a Trainee Traffic Management Operative, working at Premier Traffic – a specialist traffic management sub-contractor providing temporary traffic management services to the construction, civil engineering and utilities sector nationwide.

Sector Based Work Academies are a DWP initiative to bring Employers and Jobseekers together. A SBWA has 3 elements, Pre employment Training, Work Experience and a Guaranteed job interview. Innovative Alliance works with employers and referral partners, to find individuals who want to get into employment, before delivering high quality sector specific and pre-employment training.

After the theoretical delivery and some work experience, employers interview the candidates and have the opportunity to fill their skills shortages with enthusiastic new talent. Innovative Alliance make it their mission to know exactly what the business needs and who the right person would be for the job, so that they can bring together the two, ultimately helping to meet the skills shortages of our city region.

After successfully starting his new job, Ian said:

“The Routeways SBWA course enabled me to develop myself and gain employment. The team-working, communication and interview preparation aspects were really helpful. John the trainer was supportive and respectful to all of us. He made the course fun and worthwhile.”

Innovative Alliance are proud to say that to date, 100% of learners who attended their interview moved into employment, alongside Ian.

Ian said, “I would definitely recommend Innovative Alliance to others seeking to learn new skills and to gain employment. They are a caring company.”

Innovative Alliance are happy to discuss how their Sector Based Work Academies can support your business with its recruitment needs. Contact a member of the team by emailing info@innovativealliance.co.uk or call 0151 433 7171.