Innovative Alliance announces a new partnership with its Charity of the Year, Greenbank

Innovative Alliance, an adult education provider based within the Liverpool City Region, are delighted to announce that they will be working with Greenbank as their Charity of the Year, with views to develop a partnership that will positively benefit both companies as well as the wider community.

Greenbank focuses on helping people with physical or learning disabilities, supporting them in a safe environment that is dedicated to fulfilling their potential. Education, employment, and sport and recreation are all a part of what Greenbank does, and Innovative Alliance are proud to support an organisation that gives so much to the region.

Talking of the new partnership, Innovative Alliance CEO Ian Green commented:

“The work that Greenbank does is inspiring. Much like us, they are committed to helping people fulfil their potential and they do this in a supportive and enriching manner.

“As a business we are proud to give back and support our local community through our strong Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, hence why Greenbank were a natural choice. They invest in the lives of others, ultimately having a positive impact on their community as well.”

The partnership between Greenbank and Innovative Alliance leaves room for numerous possibilities throughout the year, including things like educational partnership opportunities or reciprocal training for staff members. There are also a number of fundraising activities which could provide a solid foundation for the companies’ relationship.

When asked about the future of the partnership with IA, Mary Beaumont, Chief Executive of Greenbank, said:

“I am delighted that we are going to be working closer with Innovative Alliance over the next 12 months. However, I am also hoping that the relationship is just the beginning of a longer-term partnership which sees a higher number of Greenbank students and community participants, many who have learning difficulties and disabilities, progress into further education and employment.”

Whilst this partnership is in its early days, it is clear that both Innovative Alliance and Greenbank are dedicated to a fruitful partnership that will support those who need a helping hand.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to partner with Innovative Alliance, read more here. If you’d like to know more about Greenbank or get involved, learn more on their website.