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Introducing our new series of free online resources and videos to support individuals during this Covid-19 lock-down. You can use these videos:

  • As part of your homeschooling resources, by getting your children involved in real life scenarios
  • To improve your numeracy and literacy skills through every day tasks

This series is free to all during this pandemic, to support you to develop yourself or support your child’s learning during this time.

If you have any questions, or would like to know about our future training opportunities, please contact us.

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How to Cook in Bulk

How to Cook in Bulk | The 'Helpful Maths Series'

Innovative Alliance introduces how to use maths to help you with all the spare food you might have in your kitchen! Cooking in bulk made effortless with these easy to use conversions.

How to Burn Calories

How to Burn Calories | The 'Helpful Maths Series'

Do you know how much exercise you need to burn calories? Here’s a video from Innovative Alliance to break it down for you!

How to Write Persuasively

How to Write Persuasively | The 'Helpful English' Series

Ever notice how some words grab your attention? Learn how to make people take notice of what you write!

Avoid Buying Too Much Paint

Avoid Buying Too Much Paint | The 'Helpful Maths Series'

Avoid buying too much paint when painting your walls! Here are some quick tips to help whilst you take on those DIY painting projects at home.

How to Use Apostrophes

How to Use Apostrophes | The 'Helpful English Series'

How to avoid embarrassing apostrophe mistakes when sending an email or posting a comment. Did you know that getting the placement of an apostrophe wrong can change the meaning of a message?

7 Steps to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 Awareness | 7 Steps to Help Stop the Spread

Prevention techniques the whole family can follow to help stop the spread of Coronavirus!

How Maths Can Help You Get the Best Deals

Shopping Online | The 'Helpful Maths Series'

Innovative Alliance introduces how to use maths to help get the best deals when shopping online.

Find Training or Work in the LCR

Job Training in Liverpool City Region | 'Directions' Programme

Innovative Alliance is here to support you with training and finding work in the Liverpool City Region! Our new ‘Directions’ Programme supports your way to a brighter future. We can help find the right course or the right job for you!

COVID-19 Guide to Face-to-Face Training

COVID-19 Guide | Face-to-Face Training

Our team at Innovative Alliance is looking forward to seeing you again soon! To keep you safe we will be following the government guidance on COVID-19.

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