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Introduction to Customer Service Online

If you enjoy customer-facing roles within a range of settings and want to kick-start your career in customer service, then look no further than this customer service course!

Gain the introductory knowledge and skills needed to take your first step towards a career in a customer service role and apply your new knowledge and skills to a wide range of industries. with our customer service course Whether you wise to work in retail or as a Receptionist, for the ambulance service or in an accountants office, this course will provide a great foundation to build your career off. We actively welcome candidates from Black, Asian and Minority Backgrounds.

Guaranteed interviews at the end of this course at One Below – Huddersfield

During this course you will cover;

  • How to apply legislation, regulation and organisational procedures for customer service
  • Working in customer service
  • Create a good impression to customers
  • Deal with queries and requests

How is it assessed?

This online qualification is assessed by your Tutor using a range of methods including uploaded questions, answers to tests, or methods such as questions via video link.

What will you gain?
In addition to meeting new people, developing your knowledge and skills and boosting your confidence levels, upon successful completion you will also gain a;

  • Level 1 Introduction to Customer Service

Are you eligible?
Participants must be 19 years or over and must be currently unemployed.

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Moreover, we encourage you to ask us any questions about this course or any other courses you might be interested in. Our team at Innovative Alliance works with individuals from all backgrounds. Additionally, our ultimate goal to help you find your career path. Please use the contact form below and we will be in touch very soon. Alternatively, you can also contact us here. For more information about our online courses follow this link. We look forward to speaking with you about your options!

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Apr 23 - 30 2021


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