ESF New Horizons

Preparing individuals with necessary skills and competences to increase their chances of employment through education and training.

ESF Directions Project Innovative Alliance

We are proud to be working on the ESF New Horizons project, which is part-funded by the ESF. This partnership is necessary to help promoting social development and cultural preservation in the Liverpool City Region.

The programme, overseen by the European Social Fund and part-funded by the DWP, facilitates a number of different support businesses to come together as a network. The aim of the project is to support those who are in long-term unemployment to develop the skills and confidence to take their next steps onto the employment ladder.

The New Horizons programmes will deliver services through:

  • Supporting individuals to develop their confidence and self esteem
  • Supporting individuals to understand the job market and develop their skills
  • Offering appropriate and person-centred advice and training tailored to need
  • Enabling people to participate in active Job Search
  • Connecting participants to volunteering, education, training, specific job and job trial opportunities
  • Supporting at least 585 people to be in employment including self-employment within 6 months after leaving the project
  • Supporting a further 331 participants in education or training programmes within 6 months after leaving the programme
  • Connecting them to other support programmes e.g. Ways to Work ILM, Apprenticeship, AEB provision, Building Better Opportunities – Better Off Finance and Digital Projects and Household into Work
  • Providing a branded One Front Door for people to access information on the project, its benefits and to ensure that there is not customer confusion

Supporting active citizenship and integration of all people, regardless of their social and ethnic backgrounds, is an important objective for Innovative Alliance, which is why we are passionate about the good that will come from this partnership.

By joining New Horizons, we are able to reach and support an even greater number of people within the Liverpool City Region on their career journeys. The ultimate goal of the project is to remove barriers to employment and education opportunities. Innovative Alliance, together with their network of partners, will achieve this through raising the aspirations of individuals, developing their confidence and skills, and identifying pathways into employment.

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