ESF New Directions

Working in partnership to help change lives

ESF Directions Project Innovative Alliance

We are proud to be working on the ESF Directions project, which is part-funded by the ESF. This partnership is necessary in order to help achieve important social mobility goals within the Liverpool City Region. The overall aim of the project is to help 2,000 Liverpool residents achieve either paid or volunteer work.

The programme, overseen by theĀ European Social Fund and part-funded by theĀ DWP, facilitates a number of different support businesses to come together as a network. Moreover, we aim to support those who are struggling with low income and/or skills through their employment journey.

The Women’s Organisation Liverpool will work as the accountable body of the programme. For instance, in overseeing regulations. By joining Directions, we are able to reach an even greater number of people. Furthermore, supporting the Liverpool City Region one learner at a time.

Social mobility is something we already believe in strongly at Innovative Alliance. This is why we are passionate about the good that will come from this partnership. We look forward to working towards this shared programme goal. Our team at IA is excited to be working with all the organisations that are a part of ESF Directions,

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