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Meeting employer's needs

Meeting the recruitment and training needs of employers

At Innovative Alliance, we have spent years building up a network of local and national employers who are looking for quality, vetted candidates to help fill the skills gaps that they have within their business.

Our approach is simple; we work with our employers to understand their needs before developing tailored training packages that meet the skills need that they have for their new colleagues. Once we understand what our employers need, we work with them to explore the funding avenues available to help fund this training.

Once we have agreed this, we work with our vast partner network to recruit suitable candidates onto the training programmes that we have tailored for employers, with a view of these candidates progressing onto interviews and hopefully employment at the end of the course.

We can offer tailored training in several sectors, and understand the regional shortages in different areas of the country. Whether you are an employer looking for Truck Drivers or Care Workers, we can help. In addition to providing our candidates with nationally recognised, industry-specific qualifications we also work with them to support them to overcome other personal barriers. This may be by providing confidence building or helping them to manage their money better. Our holistic approach to training means that the candidates that come to you not only have the knowledge and skills that you are looking for, but they also have the transferable skills they need to not only succeed in the world of work, but thrive.

Some of the sectors we work in



Our building and construction focused courses are designed to meet the skills gaps that employers have by equipping our clients with the necessary sector skills and knowledge to work within this industry. It also develops other skills such as interview skills and CV writing, helping them become job ready.



Working within the care industry is one of the most challenging and rewardable sectors out there. Our care focused courses provide the nationally recognised qualifications needed to work in this sector, along with giving our clients the confidence and skills they need themselves to secure the job of their dreams.



A fast growing industry which attracts staff from a wide range of backgrounds, experience levels and ages. Our courses focused on manufacturing will give the industry recognised qualifications to get started in this sector, as well as providing the skills individuals need to secure their dream job.the job of their dreams.

Business administration


Underpinning the success of businesses is often a whole selection of support staff who carry out a wide range of administrative duties behind the scenes. Our business administration courses are designed to equip our clients with all the knowledge and skills that businesses need from their staff in order to operate efficiently.heir dreams.

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