Wellbeing for the New Normal

Starting 18th August 2020 4 weeks

How do you maintain personal wellbeing for the ‘new normal’?

What you will cover whilst attending the Personal Wellbeing for the New Normal Training Course?

• Firstly, the principles of personal mental and physical health will be covered.
• This course will fully explain the importance of having a healthy mindset. Moreover, you will learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of mental health disorders.
• You will also gain knowledge of how to increase your awareness of the physiological effects of stress and anxiety. Understanding the long-term impact to personal physical and mental health due to prolonged stress or anxiety.
• Learn how healthy eating habits are linked to your overall happiness.
• Understanding the importance and benefits of being physically active.
•How mediation can benefit your overall wellbeing.
• Importance of Equality and Diversity.
• Money management.

This course is a total of 5 weeks


The Lauries

142 Claughton Road Birkenhead


CH41 6EY

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