Case Study: Elliot Lee (4-Week Kickstart programme)

In 2017, Elliot Lee had been searching for work for a long time when his Advisor at Huyton JCP referred him to the Innovative Alliance 4-Week Kickstart programme. Though he’d been through different job schemes and roles in office work, nothing permanent had come up during his efforts and he was still struggling with his job hunt. With the end of the year approaching, he decided the programme would be a good opportunity to get some last experience in before Christmas and signed up.

“I was the first person to arrive at the venue on the day the course; not long after, our trainer Joe came in wearing a suit and looking like the latest member of ‘Men in Black’. One of the first things I noticed, besides the suit, was how he was so welcoming and polite and engaged everyone, even offering support through break time and after class. I appreciated his compassion and how he included his own personal journey.”

During the course, Elliot was made aware of a job posting for an Admin Assistant role at Innovative Alliance. His instructor helped him apply for the 6-month ILM scheme delivered by Liverpool Mutual Homes (now Torus), and one interview later he was offered the role.

“The scheme gave me a taste of the job role and a chance to learn about the businesses and bond with the IA family. I gained an interesting perspective, as I had been on the other side of the fence and now experienced what goes on in the classroom as well as in the company.”

Elliot officially started with Innovative Alliance in May 2018 and has been working there for nearly 2 years. Speaking about his experience working with IA, Elliot says, “I’ve had the rare opportunity to help interview people who have shared my journey going through the course and then applying for company roles. I’ve also had the chance to take part in company presentations and work with some truly amazing people who care about the people we serve.”

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