Bespoke Training

Taking a tailored approach to training

Our bespoke training in Liverpool is designed to meet the needs of industry sectors and employers alike. Our bespoke training packages are ideal for employers with a skills-shortage or who operate in a niche industry. Innovative Alliance’s tailored training packages centre around developing an innovative and robust training programme which consists of all the knowledge and skills that you need your new recruits to have. Alternatively, it could be developed to meet a demand you have within your existing workforce such as a need to improve communication or team moral. No matter what your needs, our tailored training can help meet them and depending on what that need is, we may even be able to access some funding to help pay for it.

Courses that can be tailored

Your training needs are as diverse as your business, so we make sure that regardless of your need we’re working with you to find your best package. Curious what it could look like for you? Here are some examples of the types of training we can cover.

Single sector training

If your recruitment need falls squarely within your sector’s skills, single sector training could be for you. With this type of training, we build packages based on skills specific to only your sector.

Multi-sector training

Perhaps your staff needs to learn the tricks of the trade as well as some ICT? With multi-sector training, we build packages based around all the needs of your business, regardless of what sector those skills are in.


Our add-on options ensure your workforce is well-rounded and ready to enter the workforce successfully. Examples of add-on courses include Money Management, Equality and Diversity, and Personal and Workplace Wellbeing.

Non-accredited training

We’re happy to work with you to develop a training package that is based on your skills and experience. You can expect this training to be expertly delivered by our trainers. This is the perfect option for a business that needs a high level of customisation in their industry training. However, please keep in mind this option would be without accreditation.

Book a consultation

For more information about how a bespoke training package could benefit your company contact us! Alternatively, if you would like to chat about what options would be best for you, book a free consultation today. One of our staff members will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your company.