15 Tips for Getting Ready to Job Search

Are you ready to apply if you get a call or email from someone who is interested in talking to you about a new position? It’s always a good idea to be job search ready even if you’re not thinking about looking for a new job right now.

You never know when an exciting opportunity will present itself even when you are not actively seeking jobs. A colleague at work might retire and open up a choice position, a professional contact might refer you to an attractive job, or a recruiter might reach out to you and encourage you to throw your hat into the ring. This is an active job market, and hiring managers are always on the look out for good prospects.

Perhaps you are part of the growing trend where workers are almost continually looking for their next job. Add to those scenarios unforeseen circumstances that can impact your job status like layoffs due to a downturn in business at your employer.

In any case, it makes sense to be positioned to apply quickly and effectively for emerging opportunities. The best advice is to be ready to shift into job search mode without delay. Here’s how to get (and stay) job search ready.

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